How To Roll Up Clothes For Moving? Moving to a new home can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavor, especially when it comes to packing. Your clothes, in particular, can be both bulky and fragile. However, there’s a clever way to make the process easier and save space: rolling your clothes. This technique not only conserves space but also minimizes wrinkles. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to roll up your clothes for moving:

How To Roll Up Clothes For Moving?

Materials You’ll Need:

Before you start, gather these essential materials:

  1. Suitcase or Packing Boxes: To store your rolled clothes.
  2. Garbage Bags: For extra protection in case of rain or dust.
  3. Vacuum-Seal Bags (Optional): To further save space for bulky clothing items.

Steps to Roll Your Clothes:

  1. Sort Your Clothes:
    • Begin by sorting your clothes into categories like tops, bottoms, and accessories. This makes packing and unpacking more organized.
  2. Gather the Right Clothing Items:
    • Choose clothing items that are suitable for rolling, such as T-shirts, jeans, and casual wear. Delicate items and formal wear are better folded or hung to prevent wrinkling.
  3. Lay the Clothing Flat:
    • Lay each clothing item flat on a clean surface. If you’re using a garbage bag for extra protection, open the bag, and lay the item inside it.
  4. Fold and Tuck:
    • Fold your clothing items in half lengthwise, then tuck in the sleeves if they have any. This makes the item more compact for rolling.
  5. Roll from the Bottom:
    • Starting from the bottom, tightly roll the clothing item upward. Be sure to keep it as tight as possible to save space.
  6. Store in a Suitcase or Box:
    • Once rolled, place the clothing item in a suitcase or packing box. You can place similar items together, which makes it easier to unpack later.
  7. Vacuum-Seal Bags (Optional):
    • For bulky clothing items like winter coats, consider using vacuum-seal bags. These bags remove excess air and compress your clothes further, saving significant space.
  8. Label Your Boxes:
    • It’s a good idea to label your boxes with the contents or the room they belong to. This simplifies unpacking and helps you find specific items more quickly.

Extra Tips:

  • Use Rubber Bands: You can secure the rolled clothes with rubber bands to keep them from unrolling during transport.
  • Pack Lightest to Heaviest: When loading your boxes into a moving truck, place lighter clothing items on top of heavier ones to avoid crushing delicate fabrics.

By following this rolling technique, you can make the most of your suitcase or boxes, save space, and reduce wrinkles in your clothes. When it comes to moving, efficiency is key. If you need professional help with your move, consider contacting Cheap Movers LA. They have the expertise to handle all aspects of your move, from packing to transportation, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home. Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, experienced movers can make the process significantly more convenient and less stressful.


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